Recently, there was this lady so excited to hear that I have a blog!

“Do you keep up with it and blog regularly?” she inquired.

Sadly, my reply was honest admitting that alas, I do not. It’s not that I am lazy and avoiding my blog page. I find blogging enjoyable. Quite the contrary.

It’s just that I have not sat down since February! And the sweet girl in this picture is one of the main reasons why. My beautiful, first granddaughter. Isn’t she just a peach? We are all so taken with her. She is six months old now and fills our days and hearts with more love than should be allowed.

Lunch with Grace

Also, I have been baking. From croissants to breads, cakes to tarts and back again… boy, have I been baking. This next pict is a recent birthday cake (chocolate raspberry with chocolate ganache,) for a man in our community who turned 88 years old just last week. I’ve always said I am going to live till I’m 88. I’m sure I will! He was happy with his birthday cake.

Party Cake

This next photo is of… drum roll please… my new commercial bakery space!! Yay for me! Yay for Cody which now has an official European bakery to supply folks with wholesome, artisan breads, pastries, croissants and sweets. Construction Man built it for me this summer up at our ranch and it was inspected and approved by the health inspector just a few short weeks ago. Wholesale orders are coming in and the farmers markets are going strong. We are currently looking for a downtown store front to provide a place for people to shop for all their future baking needs. Fresh bread for every family–now doesn’t that sound just right?Bakery

And lastly, this purple petunia photo is the reason for the word ‘heritage’ a’top the page. My husband’s grandmother, Betty, is my grandmother too. She passed away several years ago and is terribly missed by us all. A delightful, talented woman, she always made me feel special and loved within our family. Needless to say her favorite color was purple. From shoes to clothing to decor, everything was purple. She was a fabulous quilter and many of her quilts were–you guessed it! Hues of PURPLE!

As I was rolling out more croissant dough early the other morning I felt as if I belonged to a much bigger picture. It was as if all of those older women who have gone before me, rolling dough for family and friends, were very close by as the same sun peaked over the horizon.  I reasoned that this rolling pin in my hands, (which was Gramma B’s,)  the sweat on my brow, and this huge, antique wooden table laden with flour, were drawing me into a warm and wonderful society of caregivers, a heritage of cooks, bakers, and keepers of the home that simply loved what they did. A complete circle of life and love that encompasses me too.

I can hear them gabbing in the kitchen:  Grandmother Lily, Grandma Claire, Grandma Betty, Grandma Nan, Grandma Jean, Grandma Marg sharing, solving the worlds problems over a table of floured dough. And now… Grammie Diane!  I’m so joyful to be included in such a prestigious group of talented, amazing, loving, giving women. I hope to run the race well and see them again, my cloud of witnesses. Of course and thankfully, Grandma Nan is still in her kitchen making cream puffs for my daddy. Love you Mama!

What’s been transmitted or acquired to/by you from your predecessors? What do you possess as a result of your natural birthright? What is your heritage? I hope you can look back fondly and feel the love of a good grandmother, mother or caregiver surrounding you. If not, my door’s open. My arms too! I’m a grandma now you know with plenty of love to share… and sweets galore.

Saddle up missy! We’ve got a trail to blaze!

Love yous.


Gramma B's purple petunia

Author: culinaireclaire

I am a true Wyoming cowboy girl! A wife, mother, writer, baker and guitar playing fool. All my horses, puppy Peter, laying hens, and even family members are a bit fluffy. I love to feed people!

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